Kindly change yourself NOW

“I know that I am dealing with some form of low-grade depression,” Michelle Obama continued”

Michelle Obama shared on her podcast that she is suffering from “low – grade depression” amid quarantine. Read the full story here

Our planet is facing a mental health crisis on new levels coupled with recessionary times and rising hate. These crisis times are unfortunately potentially going to worsen – resulting in more hopelessness, suicides and violent aggression in people.

I said potentially, but not 100% likely. Because on the opposite side of the spectrum there is hope if we take courageous action now.

Not being at our best is likely caused by various factors, which often triggers low energy. Low energy among other factors is caused by stress, mediocre diet, no or limited movement and limited positive social connection with others daily.

So here are some tips to kindly change ourselves NOW to become our best.

  • Drink water throughout the day. Link here to why water is amazing. By the way my little 2 and half year old nephew drinks water like its the best soda… so good.
  • Have at least one veg or fruit a day.
  • Move! exercise in doors or outdoors is good for the heart and brain.
  • Pray and meditate in the morning in order to set your mind right.
  • Push yourself to learn and be curious about something each day or each week.
  • Think of 1 thing that will add value to someone’s life today and take action.

Also, speak up if something is bothering you. Bottling up pain is never a good idea.

In conclusion, always be kind to yourself and others.  One life – live it kinder

What will you do now to kindly change yourself? 

Photo by Badulescu Badulescu from Pexels

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