Find Wellness 2: Golf, Financial, Authenticity

Fitness: A great way to improve your focus and mental strength is by playing golf. Golf is indeed an acquired sport, but if you would like to take your mental strength further – it helps you do that… what golf also teaches us is that practice and dedication makes progress. It may take many shots to get the right shot – but if we believe in the process and enjoy the process of learning something new – then give golf a go over an extended period of time to see the impact of consistent practice.

Financial: You like that item…but not sure if it’s worth the price. Then choose to wait until the following day or a couple of days to buy the item or find a more affordable version.

Quote: “Authenticity does not automatically guarantee success, but inauthenticity guarantees failure” – Jamie Kern Lima

Find wellness through action and loveā€¦

One life – live it kinder

Charlotte x

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