Dressing up and nowhere to go

In places like the UK, the COVID 19 lock down restrictions are still in tact. This means people are only supposed to go out for essential reasons like grocery shopping, going to the doctor if very necessary or going out for some exercise no more than once a day.

A friend who who also lives in London recently said that he decided to get dressed up, but had no where to go obviously . He remained joyful nonetheless and He just looked so well. I thought what a great thing to do –  choosing to dress up! forget not going anywhere in the physical sense – dressing up/ making an effort to look neat and radiant instantly boosted my friends mood and mine as well.

I am still wearing casual clothes but managed to put on a nicer t-shirt today and some make-up. It felt good to make an effort.

Every little moment of kindness counts…

Woman in Green Top Pouring Coffee in a White Mug
Picture Credit: Ba Tik

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