Faith, Progress and Joy

Inspiration: You are not sure if your product will sell, your child will do well in school, you will land the next ideal job or make it through a crisis. Sometimes all you need is a little faith, patience, compassion and daily action to move forward. You may just have a “crumb” of faith. That’s ok – sometimes that’s all we need for change to happen. Take that tiny bit of faith and water it daily or just hold on to it. To see your situation progress, take action. Mere thinking and no action will indeed lead to frustration and staying where you currently are. So keep moving even if you only have a “crumb” of faith. Progress is around the corner.

Quote: “We need joy as we need air, we need love as we need water and we need each other as the earth we share” Maya Angelou

Reflection: How are you enjoying/pulling the most out of a moment right now instead of over planning or worrying about tomorrow? Inspiration from Harriet Green

One life live it kinder

Char xx


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