Gratitude#8 – past, present, uniqueness.

Past and present:

With heightened inflation, energy prices and a list of other discomforts- it seems like everything is moving deep into the clouds.

Whilst I also feel the impact of the times… I also understand that every present state is feedback to help us move forward with wisdom. e.g the energy crisis or inflation won’t go away – maybe for a short period in time – though it is likely that something similar might show up again… so what can we do now to prepare for future uncomfortable surprises?

Take action:

  • Learn to manage your water consumption better now for the long term e.g buy tools for your home to do this.
  • Learn to save long term/use your money wisely now – e.g by asking do I need this item or is it a nice to have. If I save “nice to have” purchases over time – would it help save up for a much bigger wish list item e.g in a years time?
  • Connection – Pre-Covid, some of us took connecting with others not so seriously. The present teaches us to connect with loved ones and make those moments of connection special for the long term.


I recently spoke to someone whose work involved a unique take on art. What was wonderful to hear and see was that this person found clients that were into this unique expression of art. The lesson here is to embrace our unique gifts… it may seem different- but keep going and your unique gifts will be noticed.

Stay kind and grateful….

Charlotte xx

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