Gratitude #7 :trees and water

If you currently live in Europe like I do, you will know that the sun is shining bright and powerful for days on end. So bright that it’s drying up water supplies and effecting our food supply negatively . 

With all that is unfolding before us, never have I been so grateful for big and leafy trees . Trees help to shield us from the heat among many other benefits – what it also shows and reminds us is the importance of watering our own personal gardens too .eg keeping our thoughts healthy even in the midst of tough times. We are so so used to complaining  as our economic outlook looks dark.

But I encourage you- once venting your frustrations, remember that if you have a tree or regular clean water supply – count yourself blessed…

Take action:

There are parts of the world that need our support. Here is a great organisation called Food Cycle – I recently volunteered with them in the UK on a Friday, creating food parcels for the hungry.

Reflection: what if there was a water shortage or food shortage in the near future – what would you do now to prepare for it in calmness and gratitude?

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