Find Wellness 2: 3 things for the day

Most of us wake up and start our day without setting an intention or pondering over a few things we should get done to feel accomplished and joyful.

These are the 3 things I do everyday to feel well…

  • Prayer and journal time in the morning
  • Accomplishing a big task at work
  • Giving the gift of time and love to friends and family by calling, sending a message and being present…

What are your 3 things?

One life, live it kinder

Charlotte xx

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  1. Your dedication to prayer and journaling in the morning sets a positive tone for the day, fostering inner reflection and mindfulness. Accomplishing significant tasks at work fuels a sense of productivity and fulfillment, contributing to your overall well-being. Sharing time and love with friends and family through calls, messages, and presence highlights the power of genuine connections and brings joy to all involved. Keep up the inspiring daily habits!

  2. thanks for sharing your 3 things with me. I admire your dedication to your spiritual, professional and personal life.

    Here are my 3 things:

    Learning something new and fun about life and people

    Creating awesome content for my readers

    Singing a catchy song in my head

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