Connectedness, Wisdom and Priorities

Inspiration: We were created for Connectedness – to trust, laugh and bond genuinely with others. A healthy connectedness increases our oxytocin, a hormone in our body which makes us feel very connected to another human e.g the mother/child bond. Oxytocin also triggers serotonin (the happy mood stabilizer) in our bodies that enables us to feel more hopeful and happier. So what can we do to increase our Oxytocin and serotonin levels? I have found that daily moderate exercise, gratitude prayers, cutting out most sugar, being around good people with a positive presence, giving of my time or resources wisely and having a purpose builds connectedness. Building connectedness habits is a daily practice.

Quote: ” a loving heart is the truest wisdom” – Charles Dickens, Writer.

Reflection: What person, situation or circumstance are you giving your attention to that is distracting you from the priorities which matter in your life?

One life live it kinder

Char xx

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