Find Wellness 2: Sweet friendships

” A sweet friendship refreshes the soul and awakens our hearts with joy…” Proverbs 27 v9 – the bible

Life is not meant to be experienced alone, but in relationship with others. Sweet and joyful friendships nourish our lives.

Do everything you can to find sweet, healthy and kind friendships- friendships which encourage and bring light into your life are friendships to nourish and cherish.

Here are some tips to being a good friend.

  • Reach out to a friend to see how they are doing with a text , voice message or a phone call at times.
  • Meet in person for food, coffee or a stroll in the park. In person connection is enriching, especially with good people.
  • Remember special moments in their lives e.g their birthdays or wedding anniversary. If possible, send them some flowers.

Life is to be enjoyed with others… and as you pour kindness into others in love and wisdom – I know that you will experience it as well.

Charlotte xx

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