Movement creates momentum

Inspiration: We often overthink a decision. Do I write this article or wait until tomorrow. Do I schedule this call or wait until I feel like doing. My encouragement is to “just do it” you can find the time if it is a priority. HOW: So how to move into action? – if you e.g have a goal of losing 5 kg this season and you have not started on moving towards that goal. If possible start to get some movement in for 5 minutes right now or today – skip your evening ice cream or sweet treat too. Then repeat daily adding 5 minutes more to your schedule over the coming weeks with a revised diet ( I have tried it). Movement is arguably best done when our energy is strong. E.g in the morning or after the afternoon slump at e.g 14pm-15pm. Good luck. Develop a “strong” why for losing the weight…it may help you to meet your goal more effectively.

Quote: “Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities” – Nick Vujicic

Reflections: Which mindset do you have right now – one of ease and no movement as it’s the weekend or ease and movement?

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