“Create a strategy for life”

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Many of us unknowingly put all of our eggs in one basket, e.g putting too much emphasis on attaining high levels of success in the workplace or going all-in on a hobby. Whilst it is good to excel in one or two areas, this strategy of life won’t yield many returns over many years.

Examples of a short term strategy for life…

An unhealthy marriage: he or she works+70 hours a week. Due to tiredness, they constantly compromise on their date nights, exercise and don’t have time to see family.

An unhealthy friendship: a Uni graduate who studies in another city is visiting his home town compromises family time every time to spend time with his friends who still do drugs.

A director at a good company works long hours for weeks – leaving the office at 8PM every day for the past 3 months compromises his health and family time with his kids.

As we see choices over the short term-  seem manageable, but over time they breakdown good habits, social and family time.

Ecclesiastes 11 v2  Be generous: Invest in acts of charity.
Charity yields high returns”

Long term strategy: It is said that if we keep our purpose in front and center of our lives. as well as think hard and carefully about how we spend our time, talent and energy – we will realize that that it is equally important to cultivate good relationships, cherish family time – oh and be kind to others.

Life is beautiful and short – why not create a strategy for your life where you invest your eggs in a few baskets like family, friends and social activities – starting once a week.

Not sure how to develop a long term strategy – then begin to dedicate 15 – 30 minutes aside daily to read and think about your strategy. Make sure you have a notebook and pen to note down thoughts. Do this e.g for 3 months ( schedule time in your diary) and your long term strategy will begin to take shape.

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