Our obstacles have the power to guide us to love and breakthrough

All of us will encounter disappointment, frustration, anger and a whole host of emotions when things move into a direction that causes us to fear or feel anxious. This is inevitable as we live in a world of imperfection and at times brokenness – people will hurt us and we will at some point also hurt/disappoint others.

In order not to surrender to a negative outcome, we need to decide who we want to be. The person who chooses to be negative,  live in a state of hurt and hopelessness or the person who chooses to be the balanced optimist, despite the challenges ahead – they see all things as an assignment to guide himself/herself into a kinder and better version of ourselves.

So how do we become more of a balanced optimist: Here are some insights/ tips:

  • Excercise! It boosts mood and clarity of mind.


  • Talk to a trusted someone about the situation. Sometimes just talking can turn the light on to help one see what has always been there already to solve the issue.


  • Clarity comes from a commitment to work towards a positive change- not just sitting with our thoughts. Sometimes to overcome an obstacle is to move into action in working towards change… clarity will eventually come as long as we keep moving and taking time out to reflect too.


  • We all want to experience joy and love in life.  To do this also involves being the joy in someone else life even when we only have 5% to give back. Kindness in motion.


  • Prayer and meditation can also be a powerful driver of clarity and breakthrough


On the other side of our obstacles is a kindness breakthrough if we allow ourselves to go through the process with optimism, reflection, action, and love.

One life – live it kinder

Charlotte x

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Picture Credit: Nastya Sensei

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