Growth mindset: Jack Ma

So who is Jack Ma?

Jack Ma is one of the most influential business men in the world. To be exact – he is the founder of Ali Baba a giant Ecommerce company . His story encourages us all to keep progressing despite the odds. Here are 3 things we can learn from Jack Ma:

  • Rejection does not mean failure – it means a new path is forging. Jack Ma was rejected from every job he applied to after college even KFC – the fast food chain. He is quoted as saying that the rejection prepared him for the entrepreneur life.

  • Wisdom is important – Education is important – but what is equally important is gaining wisdom:

“Wisdom is acquired through experience. Knowledge can be acquired through hard work”

  • Learn and practice – He put a lot of effort into learning English

“Every morning at five o’clock he rode his bicycle for 40 minutes to an international hotel in his hometown and waited there for tourists. When he approached them, he proposed a deal. He would show them around the city as a travel guide and they would teach him English in return”

Tough times are inevitable – and so are better times – keep growing.

Charlotte xx

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