Good is great

Have you ever heard the term “Best Practice” ?   Some of us have become attuned to this term in the corporate world of work.

Upon reflection,  the term “Best Practice” can steal hope and progress in regards to what we make and do, because it indicates that a certain ” Best Practice” report or document is the key formula to breakthrough. When we look closer, we discover that it is one way to breakthrough…

Ideas and people are always evolving.. There is of course some timeless insights and ideas – but they can always be improved or discussed with greater depth and appreciation.

I am grateful that I can now appreciate good thinking and ideas – which over time can become better… overall embracing the word “good” as a great word is amazing.

A special thanks to a lady by the name of Joanna Parsons for her recent perspective about “Best Practices” that inspired this post.

One life, live it kinder

Charlotte xx



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