Keep it Simple

The world “Simple” paves the way to the uncomplicated, the beautiful, focussed and rested, magically also giving way to bright and new ideas.

Simplicity essentially aloo breeds kindness. When we decide to keep things simple – we choose to live a life of self-kindness and kindness towards others.  So in the spirit of “simple” here are some insights:

  1. To achieve a goal this year – keep things simple. Get a simple planner. Use it every day. Talk to people who know about the areas which you need advice about. Speak to a knowledgeable, smart and kind person. Ask yourself am I keeping things simple or complicated today?
  2. Keep things simple and journal. When life gets complicated, busy and stressed. Note down good experiences and/or things you are grateful for daily. Keep your mind on things which matter. “Practice makes simple”
  3. Keep it simple and hang out with healthy people. Healthy people don’t constantly gossip, backbite, argue or are overtly negative. You’ll feel lighter in their company.
  4. Keep it simple and eat healthier. For me, this means more veg and fruit in almost all meals.
  5. Keep it simple and laugh. Life is too short not to laugh at work or have some fun in the midst of “the busy life”

When I was growing up simple use to mean boring and unpopular. My perspective of “simple” has really changed so much over the years. The “simple way” coupled with kindness and focus is becoming the best way…

One life – live it kinder

Charlotte xx

Less is more Pratik Gupta


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