Humility, Wisdom and Kindness

A gentleman by the name of Gareth Southgate led the English football team to the finals of Euro 2021. Though England did not win the competition – they made it to the Finals. The last time, England made it to the finals was in 1966.

So what made Gareth stand out? he has many years of experience having competed in football domestically and internationally. It has to be said that -playing and managing football needs different skills. Gareth has adapted to the business side of football exceptionally well. Though in contract to other football managers known to be high powered, his character appears to be one of empathy and wisdom without lacking assertiveness. In summary – he has grown into the leader we see- it did not happen overnight… indeed becoming a great leader is a process…

Humility, wisdom and kindness goes a long way…further than expected.

One life – live it kinder.

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