Find Wellness 2: Go for Joy

How to experience joy? how about looking at pictures of yourself when you felt most joyful and happy. Then recount what brought you to that place of joy and try to bring it forward again.

When I look at pictures of when I was most happiest – I was being intentional about eating better, dressing well, exercising, spending time in prayer, socialising with great people and travelling! over an extended period of time. Sometimes travelling meant simply leaving the house and going for long walks.

So I encourage you to also notice when you feel at your best because it will give you signs to finding and experiencing lasting joy and happiness over again.

One life – live it kinder and chase your light.

Charlotte xx


  1. Great advice on how to experience joy and find lasting happiness! Looking back at pictures of happy moments and recalling the things that brought us joy can be so helpful. Thank you for sharing, Charlotte!

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