Kindness People: Patrycja Riera

The Kindness Change series is fortunate to interview Patrycja who is now the Founder and CEO of Inclusionem which is a global consultancy focused on supporting organizations in internal research, strategy and implementation in the Diversity and & Inclusion space.

Here are some of Patrycja’s “Kindness” insights

In your view – what is kindness essentially about ? 

“To me personally, kindness is about seeing the other person for who they are not just what they do. Being curious to understand the other side and perspective. I believe we live in a world where what we deliver as an outcome is what we are valued for. I wonder how much is underneath that is waiting to be shown and flourish. If we are kind, we allow others to show their full profile, uniqueness and create a space where we are all valued and belong. I have people in my life that created that space for me and it completely shifted how I felt and performed at work and brought me to where I am right now. I think if we choose to be kind, we change the course of life for many people”

How is kindness linked to a growth mindset?  

“To me kindness is all about growth mindset. We are putting our own opinion and assumptions to the side to listen to others and understand them. We become so much more open and curious, and I sometimes think generous, when we are exposed to different ways of looking at a problem. Growth is stretching a muscle; it often feels uncomfortable but is powerful when it has been practiced and becomes part of our habits”

What is the kindest thing you have personally experienced recently?  

“The power of community. I have been challenged, comforted and encouraged by them. Knowing that somebody cares, wants to walk next to you in your pain, prays, sends words of encouragement, asks some tough questions without forcing their opinions has been priceless to me. I think as a community we can do more than when we are alone. And I think we can grow stronger and differently when we are in community. Kindness is often seen as doing something nice, delivering a meal or helping with a project or task. And it is. However, I think that kindness is also sitting next to somebody and not saying a word, if that’s what a person needs right now”

Is it possible to apply kindness in your work life vs your private life? 

“I don’t distinguish between these two. For me I am the same at work as I am at home. I am the same for my coworkers as I am for my friends. Kindness at work is allowing people to be who they are, listening to their perspective and allowing them to contribute with their whole selves. And even when we are challenged or need to challenge others, do it with love and respect”

Do you consider nutrition/healthy eating important to better business results?

“Yes, I do. In my line of work, being the best self is very important. What I feed my body with (food) is as important as what I feed my mind with. I would also add, physical activity helps me to get rid of stress, assumptions and calms me down”



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